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Bohemian Garden exudes an enchanting and eclectic aroma that's a harmonious blend of floral sweetness, earthy musk, and a hint of exotic spice. The first impression is a wave of vibrant florals, with the scent of roses, jasmine, and lavender intermingling in a fragrant dance. The air carries a warm, earthy undertone, reminiscent of freshly turned soil and sun-warmed stones.

Amidst this floral symphony, you'll detect a subtle, exotic twist - perhaps the faint waft of sandalwood incense or the spicy notes of patchouli leaves. It's a scent that invites you to explore, to sit among the lush greenery, and to be transported to a world where creativity and nature coexist in perfect harmony.

  •  Pure essential oils

100ml Amber Bottle

"The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest" - Thomas Moore

Once upon a time we would wash our linens by hand and spread them to dry in the kitchen garden on fragrant hedges of lavender and rosemary, letting the sun infuse the essential oils from the plants into the linen as it dried.  

The first step to layering scent in your home is through linens, curtains and upholstery.  Mist with your favourite scent so you can always breathe deeply within your home.

These mists can also be used on clothing and in the air around the room whenever it needs a freshen up.

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Our own Handcrafted Botanical range is Australian Made (by us), Cruelty free and 100% natural.

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