Petals Bag

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A muslin bag filled with organic rose petals, lavender buds and chamomile flowers. For herbal face steams, bath infusions or drawer scent sachets.


-For a bath

Pour most of the petals into a heat safe jar.  Save some petals to float on top of the water if you would like.  Fill with boiling water to the top.  Cover the jar and leave to steep overnight or day for a strong infusion - this cannot be rushed and relies on time to draw the benefits from the petals into the water.  Place a tea strainer over the jar and empty into the bath.  Dispose of the petals in the garden.


-For a face steam

Empty half of the bag into a heat safe bowl (deep ones are best).  Fill the bowl to a third with just boiled water.  Place your face over the bowl, no more than 30cm away from the surface, and cover your head with a towel, creating a tent.  Steam for 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on your skin sensitivity.  Dab your face dry with a soft towel.

You can also use these herbs for a yoni steam or sitz bath.

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