Slow and Seasonal Living Interview Series | Moments by Jemma

Slow and Seasonal Living Interview Series | Moments by Jemma

This week we had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Jemma from Moments by Jemma for our second installment of our series.

Jemma creates the most beautiful content for many brands that value the slower way of living, us included!  She spins enchantment with her scenes.

We hope you love this interview as much as we did.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in Brisbane, where I studied business management/ Human Resources at Uni. I always hoped to move away from the city, as I loved spending time in the country, particularly in the small coastal towns along the northern rivers where I have family. I always liked the slower living style aspects of life, at times I grew veggies in my mum’s raised garden beds, and would often make little posies from whatever I could find in her garden to decorate my room with.

I met my now husband Heath while I was at Uni, and got to know the area where he was from on the south coast of NSW. It became pretty clear that we wanted to start our life down here, so I made the move! I’ve been working full time at a local law firm for the past 5 years, although I’ve been cutting back my days to allow more time to work on my content creation, and be at home.

We have since moved into a little shack on Heath’s parent’s farm, which we have been slowly making into a cottage. We’re lucky enough to have access to as much space as we need to grow a garden, orchard and raise animals. I spend a lot of my spare time capturing moments in video & photo form for the beautiful brands I work with on Instagram. There’s some thing about styling the scenes and watching it all come together that brings me great satisfaction.


"There’s some thing about styling the scenes and watching it all come together that brings me great satisfaction."

What brought you to embrace a slower lifestyle?

Although I think I’ve always had an interest in the activities that would be considered part of a ‘slower living lifestyle’, I think it was moving to the south coast that did it for me. Having the seasons be noticeably different from one another (unlike in Brisbane), with frosts in the winter and blossom in the spring, made me notice little moments a lot more. It was particularly in my first winter, which I struggled through, where I had to learn to focus on the beautiful aspects of the season, which naturally meant slowing down.


What benefit do you get out of slow living?

Being a naturally more anxious person, I have always been inclined to be on the go at all times, working on many different projects and always feeling the need to be doing something. Embracing slower living, and focusing on the small, beautiful little moments has helped my mental health greatly, and helped me to focus on the things that are most important to me.

Which season do you love most and why?

I love them all, but at the moment I’m most excited for spring! The new growth and change in the air always motivates me. I love starting to sow seeds for the garden and knowing that there’s so many warm growing months stretched out ahead. I also love spending afternoons at the beach, which daylight savings makes possible.


What advice would you give to anyone wanting to move toward a more natural way of life?

Start with a few small changes that not only make a daily activity of yours more natural, but also more beautiful and enjoyable. For example sitting and enjoying your morning coffee in the sun, rather than having it on the go, or making a meal from scratch.

Three things you do everyday that form healthy habits or an example of a night or morning routine that helps.

Three things that always set me up on the right foot for the day ahead (when I manage to do them all) are:

  1. To eat my breakfast before my coffee so I don’t get the jitters!
  2. To get sunlight in my eyes first thing, when possible
  3. To go for a short walk after breakfast, even just through my veggie patch.



Any books, recommendations, shops or brands you love?

Well Meadowsweet Farmhouse of course, and the Sleepytime aromatherapy roller is my favourite for the evenings. I also love the book Grown and Gathered for seasonal gardening & homesteading information. A read through that book always inspires me to get outside and work on projects!

 You can find Jemma on Instagram here:

Moments by Jemma

And her website here:

Moments by Jemma

All photos above are by Jemma.

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