Sleep Oil

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Our tried-and-true formula using a combination of slow infused herbal oils and aromatherapy for a product that works.  A natural and deeply relaxing blend to support restorative and restful sleep.


A beautiful lady came back into our store after using the sleep oil tester on her husband’s arm the day prior.  She said he was driving home and yawning and when he arrived home went straight to the couch and had a lovely restorative nap.  They couldn't believe how well it worked, so she came back and bought a bottle the next day."

Hero Ingredients:

  • Lavender - Calming, soothing and promotes relaxation
  • Lemon Balm - Promotes sleepiness and eases tension
  • Chamomile - Deeply relaxing 


Apply to shoulders and neck or on pulse points. Designed to be used as often as needed.

For children and babies, you could use it to massage the soles of the feet and back.  This formula is gentle but please test for sensitivity first, everybody is unique and follow the advice of your healthcare practitioner.

30 ml Amber Bottle with pump


Orders are processed in our store on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland within 1 business day and sent via Australia Post standard shipping which usually takes 3-4 business days.

Our own Handcrafted Botanical range is Australian Made (by us), Cruelty free and 100% natural.

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