Natural Perfumes & why you should make the switch

Natural Perfumes & why you should make the switch

While clean beauty may be a trend we've all been focusing on over the last few years as we have become aware of the dangers of putting loads of chemicals on our skin and therefore into our blood streams, the one thing that has been somewhat left behind in this non-tox approach is perfume. 

Currently the main stream market is filled with synthetic perfumes which are made with all sorts of man-made, synthetic junk, parabens and petrochemicals.  You may have discovered already that you can't handle these kind of perfumes so you've been avoiding perfume all together. 

But lately there has been a surge of natural perfumes on the market, as small ethical companies have released their own formulations of perfumes crafted completely naturally using essential oils and botanical extracts which don't cause itchy skin or headaches.

Three Reasons you should make the switch:

1. Amazing for sensitive skin

You may have found that synthetic perfumes cause itchiness, irritation and even rash.  Even synthetic perfumes marketed as "clean" can have synthetic ingredients in them that cause irritation, due to labelling and industry loopholes.  So it is important to research the company you are using and look for transparency.  Many beauty products can simply put "fragrance" on their labels and under this blanket term can be a host of undesirable ingredients. Natural alternatives will only use botanical and essential oils which are ethical, natural and great for sensitive skin.

2. Blend better with your natural skin chemistry

Because they are natural they actually work better with your bodies natural chemistry so the perfume smells better on your skin.  How many times has someone walked past you in a cloud of synthetic perfume and its smelt overpowering, slightly off or even a bit icky, and even made you sneeze or get an instant headache?  That won't happen with natural perfumes.

3. Safe for the family, animals and environment

Unlike mainstream perfume, natural perfumes do not contain phthalates, which are often tested on animals. Many people prefer natural perfumes because they are made with the environment in mind, so they are non toxic and safe for skin sensitivities.

At Meadowsweet Farmhouse we create all our perfumes by hand in our apothecary using only the finest natural ingredients.  Our preservative is derived from radish root, our emulsifier from sugar cane and all the scent aspects of the formulations are created by our resident "nose" our founder, Kristy, using pure essential oils. 


We even use botanicals for light colours.  Our new perfume Moonflower has a light blue tint because it is infused for 48 hours with butterfly pea blossoms Kristy grows in the cottage garden.  Our Lady of the Manor perfume has light vanilla notes thanks to it's soaking over 24 hours with a whole vanilla pod.

Each perfume is designed not only to make you smell great but also to make you feel great.

Shop our collection of Botanical Perfumes here>. 


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