About Us


We make botanical skincare, bath & body care, from herbs lovingly grown and tended. We believe in slow methods and traditional ways.

From Garden to Apothecary from our Hands to Yours.

We also offer everything you need for your "farmhouse", to live a life that takes you back to nature, living lightly.

Our first store was opened in 2019 on Gallery Walk on Tamborine Mountain.

Our entire range is created so that you can embrace those simple moments of joy and wonder, slow life down and not let it pass you buy in a flurry of stress.


Why Meadowsweet?

Meadowsweet is a herb that was used originally as a strewing herb which means it was one of the original herbs strewn on the floor to make homes smell good, to make them and the people living within, feel good.

Every foot step crushing the meadowsweet petals strewn on the floors of cottages, castles, manors or huts, would release a cloud of scent into the air. It was even said to be the favourite of Queen Elizabeth I.

It’s stories like these that enchant us and make us feel connected to the past. Much may have changed in the world, but the same meadowsweet flower you gaze upon and smell is the same one countless people for thousands of years have done so with as well.

When we smell something good we automatically take a deep breath in.  We see this time and time again when our customers cross the threshold of our store.  They stop, breathe deeply and say "it smells so good in here".  Tactile experiences also allow us to enjoy being present, slowing time down and bringing our attention to the here and now.




Every piece that comes in to our range is assessed by what it smells and feels like and how it makes us feel. 

We handcraft our entire own bath and body label, in our apothecary in the store and grow many of our own herbs which we turn into extracts and infusions for our formulations.  We are and always will be 100% natural. 

Our Founder, Kristy is a second generation folk herbalist, with handed down knowledge as well as formal study done with the renowned Chestnut School of Herbs and a Certificate III in Floristry. She has had a love of herbs and has enjoyed growing them since she was a young child, a love that was nurtured by her mother and grandmother. 

"My mother taught me a lot about herbs and she actually owns the label Mabel Jane which we stock in store as well, making soaps and creams.  We have an old story in our family that through our direct maternal line, so my five times great grandmother, of a woman named Fredrika who, trying to escape a marriage to an old man, ran away from Germany when she was 17 to Australia.  She came from a village on the edge of the Black Forest where many of the herbs we now use in our formulations and recipes would have grown in the wild, in abundance."


The seed for Meadowsweet Farmhouse began when Kristy‘s grandmother passed down her herb book and it grew from there. Read more here about our Founders Story.






All photos by Hannah Puechmarin