Our Founders Story

The seed for Meadowsweet Farmhouse began when our founder Kristy, as a 12 year old girl, was given a herb book, passed down to her from her grandmother. 

In its pages she discovered a world of living that appealed to all the senses, using herbs and plants in every aspect, from food, to home cleaning and even to dying cloth and making paper.  It entranced and enchanted her. She wanted to create a world that felt like she had stepped into that book.  Not only was it a celebration of herbs and flowers but a harkening back to an older way of living.  A simpler life. 

"There is just something about a drawer of white cotton nighties, with lavender sachets tucked in, that makes the soul feel calm. I will always be inspired by flowers, pretty fabrics and vintage, timeless style, forever and ever."


Photos of Kristy in Studio by Hannah Peuchmarin


Forever is composed of nows - Emily Dickinson