Founder Story

The seed for Meadowsweet Farmhouse began when our founder Kristy, as a 12 year old girl, came into possession of a herb book, passed down to her from her grandmother. 


In its pages she discovered a world of living that appealed to all the senses, using herbs and plants in every aspect, from skincare, to teas and remedies, to home cleaning and even to dying cloth and making paper.  It entranced and enchanted her. She wanted to create a world that felt like she had stepped into that book.



That year she created her first herb garden and as it grew she was captivated. 

"There is something undeniably magical about herbs, these unassuming little plants, which hold so much power."

"Ten years ago, I was burnt out, running a business in the intense pressure cooker that is the wedding industry, have two young children, horrendous adult acne and suffer from regular anxiety attacks and insomnia.  I was trying to do it all and be super mum.  Then one day, moving furniture around, I discovered an old childhood diary and in it's pages is a story of a shop built around that herb book my grandmother gave me. From that moment on I listened to that girl inside me, I sold the wedding business, started slowing down, said no to hustle culture and crafted a home and garden that was natural and non toxic.  I healed my skin, started sleeping better and haven't had an anxiety attack since."



And with that remembering, the seed sprung to life, shooting its tender growth toward the light.  The garden was dug anew, the herbs grown once more and crafted into lotions and potions.... and Meadowsweet Farmhouse opened its doors.

Photos by Hannah Peuchmarin