Scents for the Seasons

Scents for the Seasons

We know at the shop that our perfume scents cycle through popularity through the seasons.  When the weather cools down, people tend to gravitate toward the Moon Dust for its warm, musky tones.  When its warmer out, Meadowsweet and Star of Dawn fly off the shelves, both evoking feelings and visions of balmy night breezes and sunlit flower meadows.

Switching up scent with seasonal shifts can be a way to appeal to what in Ayurvedic Philosophy was seen as a natural inclination to align our bodies through food and lifestyle to the seasons.

Autumn and Winter

During the cooler months we have a natural inclination towards staying indoors, keeping cozy and shutting the cold out.  We are naturally drawn toward spice and sweet or musky grounding scents. 

Our top winter perfumes and room mists are:

1. Moon Dust Perfume

2. Room Mist - Tranquility

3. Lady of the Manor Perfume


Spring and Summer

Once the weather warms, we long to be outdoors and feel that excitement of longer days.  Fresh, citrus and floral scents appeal to our senses then.

Our top summer perfumes and room mists are:

1. Star of Dawn Perfume

2. Room Mist - Uplift

3. Meadowsweet Perfume



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